FAQ & Shipping Information

Chocolate ingredients and consumption

Where are your chocolates made?

Our team of chocolatiers carefully craft each piece of chocolate which we deliver to you from a chocolate factory in Bielsko-Biała, south of Poland. The whole process is led and perfected with the long-standing experience in Belgian craftmanship of our Master Chocolatier. 

Are your products suitable for certain dietary requirements? 

We have a wide range of flavours and some flavours may contain common ingredients and/or allergens such as gluten, varieties of nuts, soy, dairy etc. Please read through the ingredient list on the product packaging to ensure it is safe and suitable for your consumption. 

Are your products halal?

Our chocolates are not halal certified in Singapore although we do provide non-alcoholic selection of chocolates in Saudi Arabia and have obtained halal certification. If any selection contains alcohol, we will specify in the description.

Chocolate condition & storage

How should I keep my chocolate?

We recommend storing your chocolate in a cool dry place around 16°C - 18 °C with humidity level < 50%. Chocolates will absorb the surrounding odour so keep them away from strong odour. A wine chiller will be ideal for maintaining these conditions. 

Your home refrigerator is around 5°C and for optimal texture and flavours, keep it in its sealed packaging to prevent condensation on the chocolates and let it sit in room temperature for 5 to 10 minutes to let it warm up to ~18°C before consumption. 

White speckles on chocolate, can it still be consumed?

This the effect of sugar boom (white sugar crystals) which happens when the chocolate is exposed to sharp changes to temperature and exposure to high humidity or condensation on the chocolate. It only affects the visuals of the chocolate and not the taste so it is safe to be consumed.  

Can I consume the chocolate if it is past the best before date?

The chocolates are best consumed before the best before date as the ingredients of the chocolates will be in its best condition. Please check for the smell, looks and taste before making your own decision to consume past this date. 

What affects the chocolate taste?

Hand crafted chocolates are best consumed fresh. Keep the chocolate sealed in the packaging till you are ready to enjoy them. Improper storage and handling may also cause the chocolate to lose its flavours. We recommend consuming shortly after purchase and immediately after packaging is open. 


Delivery fee and delivery areas

You will get to enjoy island wide free delivery when the final value of your orders (after any promotions/discounts) exceeds $55. For order below $55, the island wide delivery fee of $10 is applicable. We do not deliver to restricted areas (military camps, Jurong Island etc) and an additional fee of $15 applies for deliveries to Tuas, Sentosa, Changi Airport.

Delivery confirmation and conditions

You will be required to state your preferred delivery dates before checking out and payment and an order summary will be sent to your email once the order has been processed. We are working with 3rd party logistics providers and will provide an indicative arrival timing a day before actual delivery. Please note that the timings are indicative and will be met with best endeavours but subjected to traffic conditions and unexpected situations.

Can I reschedule my delivery after submitting my order?

We understand that plan changes, so we provide flexibility to our customer by allowing one free change by Singapore time 5pm, 2 days before the selected delivery day. Please contact us via whatsapp at (65) 8253 4510 or email us at contact@karmello.sg . Any changes made after the cut off time or a second change will require a one-time admin fee and rescheduling fee of $10. 

What if I’m not home during the scheduled delivery?

Please kindly arrange for someone to receive the chocolates on your behalf, our delivery partners will wait up to 5 minutes for someone to receive the chocolates. If that is not possible, our delivery partner will leave the chocolates at your doorstep and let you know. Please try to collect it soonest possible as Singapore weather and humidity is not ideal for the chocolate to be left out for prolonged periods. We recommend that you chill the chocolates first before consuming should this situation occur.  

Can I do self-collection?

Our operations do not cater for self-collection at this point. However, we do offer free delivery above $55 spend (after discounts/promotions) in a single order for your convenience!

Corporate, events and partnerships

Can I customise the chocolate selection for my events?

Yes, drop us an email at sales@karmello.sg and we will be in touch. Do allow enough lead time as we hand made our chocolates only after ordering and so that we can best provide you with the best solutions for your requirements!

Do you conduct any partnership with corporate? 

We are always open to cooperation to help spread our passion in chocolate and to grow the brand of Karmello Chocolatier. Drop us an email at sales@karmello.sg and we will be in touch! 

Can’t find your questions in the FAQ?

Drop us an email at contact@karmello.sg and our friendly customer service officer will be in touch!