About Us

Chocolate is our passion and we strive to offer you only the highest handmade quality products. To produce our treats, we use only carefully selected ingredients, including the most important one: the delicate, Belgian chocolate. This guarantees that all our sweet treats are unique and hide a piece of magical delight!

The history of Karmello Chocolatier brand began in 2010 from a chocolate factory in Bielsko-Biała, Poland. Karmello's chocolate-making adventure started from the charming town of Bruges, Belgium - whose winding streets are lined with numerous small and unique chocolate factories inspired Karmello's creation. The passion for travel and love of chocolate combined with a desire to explore new cultures and traditions of other nations, led our founders to establish Karmello's first  chocolate factory based in Bielsko-Biała. The delight in the beauty of the products created by Belgian chocolatiers, as well as our fondness of unique flavours, encouraged us to try the concept of high-quality, unique chocolate treats in Poland.  

We believe that the secret of excellent chocolate products is in the delicate choice of the cultivation and the variety of the cacao trees. For us, it is important that the cocoa plantations from which the grains are being harvested respect the laws of local farmers and care for sustainable development. Cocoa plantations can be found in the farthest places of the world. Africa is the largest producer of cocoa beans in the world - in our offer you can taste the chocolate of cocoa beans coming from Ivory Coast & Tanzania.

We also sourced for grains from the cocoa home region which is South America, where grains are sourced from Ecuador - you will also find this kind of chocolate in our offer. Careful selection of harvested grains, fermentation and drying guarantee the unique taste of chocolate, which we can enjoy every day while tasting our products.


Most of our products are hand-made. This guarantees that all our sweet treats hide a piece of magic from the chocolate manufacture. Our team of confectioners and chocolatiers works hard to ensure that your chocolate tasting experience is a remarkable one. The whole process is supervised by our Master Chocolatier Ingo Wullaert, who creates new flavours for Karmello. In his work he combines his long-standing experience in Belgian craftsmanship with the analytical look at the changing tastes of our customers. Thanks to his creative thinking you can now taste such unique combinations of chocolate with sophisticated inclusions, such as tomatoes or gorgonzola,  and enjoy the classic flavours in their perfect form. This commitment to quality has resulted in trust that our customers give us every day.”

We do know that chocolate is no longer a treat reserved only for connoisseurs. Wishing to meet the needs and various tastes of our customers, we have prepared a wide range of chocolates of various flavours, as well as delicious chocolate bars with the finest additions. Karmello is a guarantee of exceptional flavours hidden in finest chocolate and combined with the highest quality and passion put in the production process.